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Fast Sell

      Sale of real estate - it is always informed and deliberate decisions. The process is also quite long, because the search for a buyer to spend a lot of time. And he can not do without quality advertising and trade shows objects prospective buyers. Next, prepare the necessary documents and payments for the sold item. In practice, all this is a seller from 2-3 months to a year. But there are situations where client funds are needed now and wait for it does not have the time or opportunity (reasons can be many: moving abroad, profitable investments, etc.). For these customers, we have a special offer - an urgent purchase of real estate.
     Urgent ransom - is the easiest way to get cash for your property in no time. During the implementation of this agreement we act not as a mediator but as a buyer of your apartment, house or other property. We have the necessary financial resources to arrange the transaction as soon as possible and with the least your participation. The maximum term allowed for the complete design and implementation of the agreement - 3 days. If the agreement is implemented during that time was not then count it as urgent redemption is impossible. During this time, conduct a competent assessment of your property, determine its value, check all the documents and, after agreeing the value of the object, we will have an agreement.